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Courtroom Feels Like Home Court

For STRUBLE, P.A., the Courtroom feels like Home Court.  Jury trials are becoming increasingly uncommon.  They shouldn’t be.  While there are many aspects to litigation, trial is all that matters at the end of it.  STRUBLE, P.A. tries several jury trials every year.  Often times, it is in a client’s best interest to pursue the case through trial.  Trial is very time consuming for the attorneys trying the case, but is often what needs to be done to force an insurance company to honor a claim.

Prior to representing homeowners, Matthew Struble tried cases for some of the country’s leading insurance companies including State Farm Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Olympus Insurance Company and Scottsdale Insurance Company.  STRUBLE, P.A. brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to policyholders when it represents them in their claims against insurance companies.

Since STRUBLE, P.A. was founded in 2014, it has successfully represented hundreds of policyholders against their insurance companies.  The firm has many cases with all Florida insurance companies and is intimately familiar with each company’s policy provisions and many of their procedures.  This is to our client’s benefit, as we can immediately determine the best approach for force a specific company to honor our client’s property damage claims.


STRUBLE, P.A. stays constantly informed with all cases issued that impact Florida insurance law, and performs extensive research on a weekly basis.  Often times, we are able to identify emerging trends in the law and have utilized this to our client’s benefits.  We have handled many trials and appeals related to our insurance law cases and have a sense of how pertinent case law will likely evolve.

We approach our client’s cases with the same mentality.  Upon initial review, we immediately identify what evidence would ultimately be needed to be presented to a jury.  We are familiar with many of the experts retained by insurance companies, and can anticipate how we can force these experts to admit facts at trial that establish coverage for our client’s claims.   Early in the case, we identify the witnesses and retain the experts needed to advance the case so that we can push your case towards trial as quickly as possible and prevent the insurance company from being able to further delay the claim.


STRUBLE attorneys are willing to put in whatever amount of work is necessary to force insurance companies to honor our client’s claims.  The claims we handle involve our client’s homes and we understand that each claim is extremely important to our clients.  We pride ourselves on getting every claim in the best position possible to prevail, regardless of the amount of the claim as every claim is important to our clients. We also pride ourselves in being willing to try difficult cases, which can be necessary as cases in which the insurance company has few defenses often settle quickly and before trial.  When needed and beneficial to our clients, we pursue their cases all of the way through trial and appeal.


The results obtained by legal representation is the most important component of that representation and is what the hard work expended by STRUBLE attorneys is used to obtain.  It is not possible for a law firm to prevail in every case, especially when the firm is willing to take cases to trial when necessary. However, STRUBLE, P.A. has prevailed on the vast majority of cases it has handled and our clients have often obtained the full amount of their claim that was previously denied.  In some cases, our clients have received settlements that greatly exceed the claim amount.  Learn more about our case results