My wife and I are both teachers and have a home in Central Florida. We contacted the Struble law offices to help us settle a homeowners insurance issue. 

Everyone in the law firm was knowledgeable, professional and hardworking.  Mr. Struble, himself contacted us directly and personally walked us through the legal process every step of the way.

I was so impressed with Mr. Struble`s demeanor and command of the law that he practices.  Mr. Struble and his associates were always so personable and respectful that my wife and I were really put at ease during a very stressful situation and time period.  In the end, the resolution to our situation was way beyond our wildest dreams.  I can`t thank Mr. Struble enough.  I would give my highest recommendation to his law office for anyone seeking help in his area of law.

Wendell and Lisa. Homeowners

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your law firm for the excellent job you did representing my wife and I in our lawsuit against my insurance company. It was a frustrating experience to be left high and dry after the thousands of dollars of water damage done to my house. The guidance and assurances you provided were important to keep our morale up over the 15 months it took to settle our claim. You narrated the process and were quite accurate in predicting the routine we would have to go thru to get to the end. Your staff was not only friendly, they were responsive and helpful and gave us a good feeling -that we were an important client. Both Matthew and Christine were knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They were always professional, but were also “human and friendly”. In my career I dealt with a number of lawyers and many seemed “standoffish”. If asked, I would recommend the STRUBLE LAWFIRM without any hesitation.

Thomas, Homeowner

Our experience with Struble, P.A.is that they are very professional, personable and they provide outstanding results.  If we have a need in the future,  we would promptly contact Struble, P.A.

Earl & Roberta, Homeowners

Allow us to thank you personally for your due diligence to settle our claim against an insurance company. We really appreciated your willingness to provide continuous feedback and answer any questions we had throughout this process.

A word of thanks to Struble P.A. as well. It is encouraging to work with a law firm that specializes in a particular area. I highly recommend your firm for any insurance related matters for a complete and thorough settlement and/or closure. The firm’s reputation certainly helped in our case and we thank your whole team for all the work behind the scenes.

Michael & Elsa, Homeowners

My experience with Struble, P.A was “World Class!”. The Struble company provided me with very professional, very responsive legal services and counsel that were very effective, very efficient and which reflected their well-deserved “World Class” reputation which resulted is a pleasing and positive outcome for me!

Richard, Homeowner

Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness to us as we fought the “big guys.”  … We did not know we had a first class team on our side, but we did!   Lucky us! … Yes, this process took a while;  but once the hoops were jumped through with your firm guiding us through the myriad of paperwork.  the “little guys” had a victory and made that insurance company pay! …  You were one step ahead of the insurance firm. We felt we were supported and were very glad to have met you all. 

Steve & Colleen, Homeowners

Many thanks to your firm for helping me settle a claim the insurance company denied. Your attorneys were very professional and helpful throughout the claims process.

Dan, Homeowner