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Matthew Struble is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer.  Matthew became a member of the Florida Bar after he was recognized by the Fourth District Court of Appeal for being among the higher scorers on the bar exam and was asked to speak at the public induction ceremony. Thereafter, Matthew worked for one of Florida’s largest insurance defense firms where he handled hundreds of insurance claims involving insurance litigation and tried cases for many of Florida’s leading insurance companies. 

During law school, Matthew worked the entire time to help finance education, was a member of Law Review and Moot Court and graduated a semester early. Matthew founded STRUBLE, P.A. to represent policyholders in their claims against insurance companies. Since founding the firm, he has successfully represented hundreds of policyholders in insurance and bad-faith litigation and has tried cases against many of Florida’s leading insurance companies.  Matthew has over twenty-five cases which have included cases involving bad-faith, declaratory judgments, water damage and hurricane damages and has also handled numerous appeals involving insurance litigation.  Matthew has prevailed at trial against some of Florida’s largest insurance companies including Tower Hill, Security First, State Farm, Heritage, Florida Peninsula and Universal.  On numerous occasions his experience has been recognized and he has been awarded multipliers by several Florida courts which has allowed the firm to continue taking on cases that require the expenditure of substantial costs to retain the experts needed for insureds to pursue their claims.  

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It is an honor to have the chance to represent policyholders against their insurance companies.  I give our clients’ cases everything I have, everyday. 


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