Wind Damage

Florida Wind Damage Attorney Can Help You Get  Insurance Benefits 

Florida may be known for its white sands, blue waters, and mostly crystal clear skies, but when the storms and high winds come, so do millions of dollars in property damage. In 2020 the Insurance Information Institute reported that wind and hail accounted for 45.5% of all homeowner insurance claims filed. For example, the National Weather Service reports that Hurricane Irma in 2017 led to the ordering of over 6 million people to evacuate as a result of water damage, extensive tree and fence damage, and additional damage from storm damage and related damages from wind and rainfall. A Florida wind damage attorney from STRUBLE, P.A. can help you accurately measure your damages and recover the amounts owed from the insurance company. 

When those homeowners sustain damages that are covered by their insurance policy, they should receive compensation in accordance with the terms of the policy. Otherwise, they may have a viable lawsuit to collect payments owed. Read on to learn more about Florida property damage caused by wind and how an attorney can help you recover the complete amount you may be entitled to under the insurance policy.  

Types of Wind Damage Insurance Companies Typically Cover 

When your home has been damaged by wind, the purpose of insurance coverage is to bring your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm. This can include reasonable repairs, reconditioning, and matching. You have a right to ensure that the work completed is up to the same standard as your property prior to the damage in accordance with the policy and applicable Florida law. Your attorney will help you determine the reasonable costs of your repairs and the value of your insurance claim by reviewing your case and consulting with or hiring third-party experts to evaluate the damage sustained. With these resources, we will obtain accurate expert reports and estimates to be used as evidence in your case. 

Your Florida Wind Damage Attorney Handles Every Step of the Process 

Working with a property lawyer with experience handling wind damage cases can make the seemingly impossible task of navigating your claim and establishing coverage possible.  With a wind damage lawyer from STRUBER, P.A. on your claim, examples of how what we will complete include the following: 

  • Collecting evidence – your attorney will collect the evidence you need to measure and prove your damages 
  • Proving liability – the insurance company will only pay out on your claim if they are liable to do so under your policy, and your attorney will carefully review the policy to identify grounds for your claim and ensure that it is covered 
  • Negotiating your claim – your attorney will assist with negotiating the settlement or resolution of your claim with your authority and approval 
  • Filing a lawsuit when negotiations fail – when the insurance company wrongfully denies your claim or fails to provide payment for all covered damages owed, a lawsuit may be your path to recovery 

The Florida wind damage attorneys at STRUBLE, P.A. have years of experience helping homeowners with their insurance claims, filing lawsuits to pursue the benefits they are entitled to, and handling subsequent appeals. We’ll review your case, identify options, and discuss the terms of our engagement before we get started on your case. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. 

Explore Your Claim with a Florida Wind Damage Attorney 

Storms and hurricanes are the leading causes of property damage in Florida. When your damage is covered under your insurance, receiving compensation for your covered damages can be essential. An attorney will help ensure you collect what you are entitled to under your policy and Florida law.

Working with a Florida wind damage attorney from STRUBLE, P.A. will provide you with professional legal advocacy every step of the way, supporting the best possible settlement or outcome in your claim or case. Even with the recent changes in Florida law, we remain committed to representing property owners on a contingency fee basis and accept statutory fees only when possible. This provides us an opportunity to charge our clients no fees and no costs regardless of whether there is a recovery.  

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