Pipe Bursts

Get Help From a Florida Pipe Burst Claim Lawyer After Plumbing Damage

A burst pipe in your home or business can cause substantial damage. Water damage from a plumbing issue can damage your flooring, your personal items, and other associated damage. In some severe cases, entire homes are flooded, causing damage to electronics, furniture, and priceless family heirlooms. A Florida pipe burst claim lawyer at STRUBLE, P.A. is here to help if you’ve experienced a plumbing issue in your home or business.

How A Florida Pipe Burst Claim Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Insurance Coverage for Pipe Leaks

Although homeowners’ insurance policies commonly cover water damage, some policies specifically exclude flood damage. When it’s not quite clear whether the water damage was caused by the pipe burst or by flooding, this can lead to disputes between the policyholder and your insurance company. 

Inadequate Maintenance Leading to a Pipe Burst

Many insurance policies specifically exclude damage caused by inadequate or defective maintenance. This defense is most often raised when a water supply line breaks near your sink, washing machine, or drain pipe breaks due to age. Most homeowner policies cover what is known as “sudden and accidental” losses, and issues like broken pipes or burst hoses should be covered.

Managed Repair Programs

Many homeowner insurance companies have started to include “managed repair” programs in their policies.  Under these programs, insurance companies are allowed to repair damage caused by a broken pipe through an independent contractor, which the insurance company is allowed to choose. 

These managed repair programs are sometimes not ideal for homeowners because they have no say about who does the repairs. The insurance company may resort to choosing a company with pricing favorable to the insurance company. 

Top Reasons a Pipe Bursts in Florida

Florida has a unique climate. In the northern states, pipes often burst when water is frozen in the pipe. Extreme cold isn’t a concern in the Sunshine State, but we have other hazards that contribute to the likelihood of a leaky or burst pipe.

  • Water pressure issues – Sudden increases in water pressure can cause pipes, compromising the clamps that hold them in place.
  • Improper installment – Structural issues can force pipes to bend or shift, which makes them more likely to leak over time. Old homes and homes built from wood (vs. concrete block homes) are more susceptible to foundation and structural issues.
  • Corrosion – Corrosion can be a concern for homes and office buildings near the ocean. Copper pipes can oxidize or abrade over time.

Shutting Off Your Water Valve: How to Turn Off Your Water

Generally speaking, there are three main ways to shut off your water quickly.

  • Inside the House. Water supply pipes that feed you water from the city typically run from the street side of your house to the indoors. You may be able to find the hook-up in places like the garage or laundry room. 
  • Outdoors on an Exterior Wall. In Florida, the shutoff valve may be located outside the home on an exterior wall. Start looking for it near your outdoor faucet or faucets if you have more than one.
  • Outdoors Near the Street. Sometimes there is a water supply shutoff valve beside your water meter outside where the city can easily turn on or off your water. It may be below an access panel buried in the ground or near the street. The access panel may require a special tool called a meter key, sold at most hardware stores, to remove the cover. There may be two valves, one for the homeowner on the side of the water meter closest to the house and one for the city on the side of the water meter closest to the street.

Learn How a Florida Pipe Burst Claim Lawyer Can Help You In Just One Phone Call

If you are preparing to file a claim for water damage from a pipe leak with your insurance company, or your claim has already been denied, and you are seeking to challenge or appeal the denial, a Florida pipe burst claim lawyer at STRUBLE, P.A. can assist. It’s free to call and schedule a consultation. In our first phone call, we will discuss how we can help you get fair compensation for your property damage claim related to a broken pipe.

Contact a Florida pipe burst claim lawyer at STRUBLE, P.A. online, email us at info@claimappeals.com or call us at 321-283-5888 if you’re facing a burst pipe claim or any other type of homeowners’ claim.