Roof Damage

Florida Roof Damage Lawyer

When your property has been damaged and you need to file an insurance claim, the process can be intimidating. To learn what your options are to protect your interests and support the best possible recovery in your insurance claim, connect with a Florida roof damage lawyer from STRUBLE, P.A. 

If the roof of your condo, home, or business has property damage and you are insured, you could be entitled to compensation to cover associated repair costs and losses. Whether or not you are covered will depend upon the relevant terms of your insurance contract, applicable Florida statutes and case law, and whether the insurance company is willing to accept coverage for the claim. 

Common Types of Roof Damage According to A Florida Roof Damage Lawyer

The roofs of homes, condos, and businesses in Florida oftentimes face turbulent weather resulting in significant wind damage and water damage. The National Weather Service tracking of Florida reveals a huge amount of precipitation in South Florida, with Miami and Fort Lauderdale experiencing 60-64 inches on average each year. Storms like Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole caused extensive fence, tree, and roof damage to homes across the state and especially impacted those closer to the coastline. 

While the unpredictable weather in Florida can be the cause of a broad variety of issues with your roof, there are some types of damage that are more common than others. 

Moisture Damage 

When water is able to get past the shingles or other protective layers on your roof, a broad variety of issues can happen. These include decay, rot, mildew, mold, moss, as well as pest infestations that might take advantage of the weakened roof and structure that moisture causes. A number of different roof problems can cause moisture damage, including cracks, loose tiles, torn underlayments, failed sealants, and other causes. The most common sign of moisture damage to watch out for are stained ceilings or walls. 

Cracks and Punctures 

Cracks and punctures to your roof can lead to a broad variety of additional problems in your home, including mold as noted above. Cracks and punctures to your roof can happen as a result of trees and branches falling and coming into contact with your roof, in addition to flying objects as a result of the strong winds that accompany the storms and hurricanes. The National Weather Service notes that one of the major threats to property from Florida’s storms and hurricanes is flying debris, in addition to fallen trees. 

Broken and Loose Shingles 

Roofs are generally not manufactured to last forever and require ongoing maintenance to ensure that the shingles, sealants, and other coverings are functioning as intended. While poor construction and installation lead to many broken and loose shingles, even the best construction cannot protect against the strongest of winds. Florida weather including strong winds, flying debris, and hail create conditions that can damage roofs and shingles. 

Ponding Water and Resulting Moisture Damage 

More modern styles of construction and architecture are increasingly using flat roofs made of metal and other materials, rather than slanted roofs with shingles. Flat roofs require careful angling and sealing to avoid the pooling of water on top, and excessive rain can lead to ponding water regardless. If your roof has experienced damage due to ponding water, the property below may also have issues with flooding, mold, mildew, and other issues. 

As you can imagine, filing an insurance claim as soon as possible after your property has sustained roof damage is important for reasons including to fix the issue and to prevent further problems from developing. 

Discuss Your Roof Damage Claim Options with a Florida Roof Damage Lawyer

Filing your claim to address property damage such as roof damage as quickly as possible is important to help ensure that the insurance company is able to investigate the claim, evaluate the damages and provide coverage for your covered damages in a reasonable amount of time. It is also important to mitigate the loss, protect the property from further damage and otherwise comply with policy conditions and the duties under your policy so that an otherwise covered claim is not denied for failing to act in accordance with the policy. 

Working with a Florida roof damage attorney can help you pursue the payments owed for your insurance claim and the damages you have sustained even if that means forcing the insurance company to risk having to face a jury at trial by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. 

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