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Theft and Vandalism May Entitle You to Insurance Benefits to Cover Losses – Get Property Theft Help

Imagine your shock seeing graffiti, a broken window or open door, and ruined artwork and furniture upon returning home or back to your business. It is all the more upsetting when valuable items like laptops, jewelry, electronics, and other items are taken. Acts of vandalism and random destruction can lead to extensive damage. 

Working with an attorney who has the experience you need to successfully handle your insurance claim or lawsuit to recover your full damages can make all the difference. In the destruction or theft of your property, an informed property theft attorney can help to recover the damages you need to restore your lost value. Connect with an experienced property attorney from STRUBLE, P.A. to explore options. 

Florida Property Theft and Vandalism Claims can be Complex and Time-Consuming 

In some instances, fixing a set dollar amount on the destruction of certain theft or vandalism can be difficult, as is the case with family heirlooms or antiques. The experience of going through theft and vandalism can be inherently stressful. 

When filing an insurance claim for theft and/or vandalism, you’ll likely have to complete the following: 

  • Gather evidence to prove the value of your losses, whether replacement value for stolen personal property or repairs to vandalism and destruction
  • Submit a claim that incorporates your evidence and follows the format and time deadlines required by your insurance company 
  • Successfully negotiate a complete settlement with the insurance company and their lawyers, claim adjusters, and other representatives 
  • Receive payment that covers your full settlement in a timely manner 

When you have experienced a loss, including as a result of theft or vandalism, the insurance claims process can be intimidating. Working with an experienced property damage attorney can provide you with support in the process of seeking payment for all covered damage.

If Your Theft Insurance Claim is Denied, You May Be Able to Challenge the Decision by Filing a Lawsuit or Appealing the Claim

The attorneys at STRUBLE, P.A. can help you from the start of your insurance claim or after you’ve filed a claim and been denied or underpaid. Helping clients establish coverage for claims that have been wrongfully denied or undervalued is a way to hold the insurance company accountable.

How Does a Property Insurance Lawyer Assist on My Theft or Vandalism Claim? 

Your Florida property lawyer will provide you with property theft help to hold the insurance company accountable for the amounts recoverable under the policy and owed to you pursuant to the terms of your policy. We will work with our team to establish coverage for your claim and estimate the value the damages you have sustained. We work hard to fight for the amount you are entitled to under the insurance policy.  If we cannot negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company out-of-court, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf to pursue the financial compensation owed to you. We are not intimidated by the insurance company and we will do whatever it takes to get you the recovery you deserve.

Connect with a Property Attorney for Property Theft Help and Vandalism Damages 

If your property has been damaged by theft or vandalism, an attorney from STRUBLE, P.A. would be honored to review your insurance claim and insurance policy to determine how we can help you. 

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