Condo Property Damage

Florida Condo Property Damage Lawyer for Complex Claims

Owners of condominiums in Florida face many risks of damage to their units. When you have experienced damage to your condo and/or your personal property, a Florida condo property damage lawyer can help determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your insurance claim under your insurance policy. 

To explore your property damage options, STRUBLE, P.A. would be honored to have the chance to help you with your case. Read on to learn more about how we determine your insurance rights when your condo is damaged and contact us for personalized help.  

Condo Ownership and  Homeownership 

Each case is different, but generally speaking, a condo’s homeowner’s association is typically responsible for ensuring the external structure and grounds of your condo complex or building due to Florida laws. A portion of the dues you pay each month oftentimes applies towards the insurance coverage for the common areas, and each individual condo owner purchases separate insurance to cover their interior property and personal possessions. 

Filing a condo insurance claim can be especially complicated given the potential overlap between the insurance held by the homeowner’s association and the insurance for the individual condo owners’ properties. To ensure that you file a claim supported by evidence with the appropriate insurance company, you may want to consider working with an attorney. 

Why Hire a Condominium Property Damage Lawyer?  

The successful filing of a property damage insurance claim for your condo can be a complex and time-consuming process. The first step is to report that your unit has suffered actual damages and file a claim.

Insurance policies for your condo may cover the following: 

  • Loss of personal property 
  • Liability protection
  • Cost of moving expenses if the unit becomes uninhabitable 
  • The cost of repairs to the unit 

Your condo insurance policy will clarify exactly what types of damages are covered for your unit, and the homeowner’s association policy will also explain the coverages afforded under that certain policy. Your Florida condo property damage lawyer can help you understand your applicable coverages and ensure that your damage is accurately measured and accounted for so that your property is restored and you are compensated fairly. 

When Can You Sue the Insurance Company? 

The purpose of carrying insurance is to have your property protected in the event of sudden, covered damage. Insurance companies in Florida have an obligation to follow the terms of their policies, to act in good faith, to avoid unfair tactics, and to abide by the laws that are applicable in your case. 

Reasons insureds are forced to sue the insurance company include: 

  • The improper or wrongful denial of your claim 
  • Failing to pay the amount of covered damages necessary to fix your condo damage 
  • Underpaying on the claim 
  • Denying a portion of a valid claim 
  • Failing to pay by wrongfully claiming that your damages are below the deductible 

Let a  Florida condo property damage lawyer help you understand your rights under the policy and options relating to your insurance claim. 

There Are Time Limitations Including When to  File a Lawsuit 

If your only option will be to file a lawsuit against the insurance company to recover your covered damages, there are time limitations related to your case. You should contact an attorney if you believe you need one so that you act timely in assessing your claim and the ability to file a suit to recover damages for a particular loss. 

Protect Your Interests With a Condo Property Damage Lawyer

Your condo is your home, and when the insurance company will not take responsibility in a timely manner following your condo damage, it can put your life on hold. By working with a Florida condo property damage lawyer from STRUBLE, P.A., you will have support through every step of the claim and legal process. If your claim has been wrongfully denied or underpaid, we can file what is necessary for the insurance company to honor your claim for covered damages. 

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