Commercial Property Damage

A Florida Commercial Property Insurance Lawyer for Homeowners & Renters

Owning or even renting a commercial property often means much more than simply signing a contract or lease; it may mean running a business that you and your family depend upon. You understandably expect that your commercial property is suitable for the purpose you are owning or renting it for so that you can conduct your business accordingly. If your commercial property has been damaged and you need to file an insurance claim or already have and it was denied or underpaid, it may be time to connect with a Florida commercial property insurance lawyer from STRUBLE, P.A. We can advise you on what your best options are and assist with the claims process to offer support and assistance toward a favorable outcome. We are prepared to make the insurance company face a jury at trial by filing a lawsuit on your behalf if there is a basis to do so to collect what you deserve. 

Commercial Property Damage in Florida

Following significant storms, property damage to both the exteriors and interiors of buildings can be extensive. Water damage can destroy the entire inventory of businesses and leave them with nothing. Weather damage can render walkways and entrances to your commercial business impossible to pass making your business inoperable until repairs are completed. 

When accidents, disasters, or other misfortunes strike your commercial property, it is expected that your commercial insurance will help with covered damages to get your property back in operation. Damages generally include the value of lost inventory and commercial property and may include coverage for lost earnings and other income during the time it takes to recover from the occurrence or event that caused the damage. 

It is important to gather evidence and file a claim for damages sustained to resolve the claim and restore the property.. If you cannot reach a fair outcome on your covered claim, you may have to take the insurance company to court. We are here to assist you in that process.

Commercial Property Landlords and Obligations 

If you are renting a commercial property that has been damaged, it is important to understand your rights. Should an external condition like a storm or hurricane lead to the destruction of your property within a rented commercial property, determining who is responsible for covered damages can be difficult. If you are unable to determine who is liable for damages to your business when you are renting a commercial property in Florida, you can contact a local Florida commercial property insurance attorney to assist you. 

Before taking your case, a Florida commercial property insurance attorney will review the related facts and determine whether we can assist as well as a recommended course of action. We will answer any questions you might have prior to getting started on your case to fight for a favorable outcome and settlement. 

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The experienced Florida commercial property insurance lawyers with STRUBLE, P.A. have represented commercial property insurance policyholders in a broad variety of cases over the years. We begin the process by providing a brief review of your case to determine whether we can help your business recover covered damages as soon as possible and how. 

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