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When you purchase homeowner’s insurance, you are generally purchasing an insurance policy that provides several different types of coverage.  A typical homeowner’s policy covers damage to your dwelling and personal property.  A business insurance policy provides similar coverage for your business and business property.  If you sustain property damage, a dispute may arise between you and your insurance company. If an insurance company has denied or underpaid your claim for property damage, STRUBLE, P.A. will fight for you. STRUBLE, P.A. has successfully handled both small and large claims, as illustrated below: 

No Claim Too Small

If you are interviewing law firms for your property damage claim that is important to you but does not involve a large amount of damages, you should ask the law firm if it previously tried and resolved such claims.  Due to the small amount at issue, obtaining the recovery needed may require the law firm to try the case or be willing to do so to force the insurer to issue the payments and confess judgment so that attorney’s fees and costs are not deducted from the recovery.  Below are examples of small property damage claims handled by STRUBLE, P.A.

If you are an attorney or claims professional interviewing law firms to assist a client with a property damage claim, you should likewise ask the firm how many similar claims the firm has handled.  The amount at issue may be small, but the claim is likely very important to your client.  The law firm’s track record of handling such claims is likely needed to allow your client to net the small amount of payments needed to actually be able to perform the requisite repairs.

No Claim Too Small Example Recoveries 


Amount Claimed

Amount Recovered

Attorney’s Fees Deducted From Amount*

Water Damage (REF 8546)




Business Interruption (REF 81278)




Hail Damage (REF 81058)




Hail Damage (REF 81186)




Water Damage (REF 81121)




Water Damage (REF 81136)




Water Damage (REF 81128)




Mold Damage (REF 8114)




Water Damage (REF 8648)




No Claim Too Big Examples

If you are interviewing law firms for your property damage claim with a significant amount of damages at issue, you should as the law firm whether it has successfully resolved such claims in the past.  Successfully handling such claims often requires a law firm with trial experience and the ability to hire costly experts.  STRUBLE, P.A. has tried over 35 cases.  STRUBLE, P.A. also has the ability to front expert costs that can exceed six figures in providing its clients with the evidence needed to prevail on large claims and combat the insurer’s reports. The attorneys at STRUBLE, P.A. have successfully represented individuals, businesses, and associations in large claims, and examples are below.

If you are an attorney, association’s attorney, property manager, or claims professional interviewing law firms to assist a client with a property damage claim, you should likewise ask the firm how many similar claims the firm has handled.  It may be imperative that the law firm have a track record of handling such claims and the ability to front the costs required to obtain experts, which can be costly and necessary to overturn a denial or underpayment.

No Claim to Big Example Recoveries 

$3,700,000 wind damage (REF 81057)

$3,600,000 wind damage (REF 81006)

$3,540,000 wind damage (REF 8798)

$2,675,000 wind damage (REF 8993)

$1,770,000 wind damage (REF 81089)

$1,750,000 wind damage (REF 81159)

$1,575,000 wind damage (REF 8943)



If you are interviewing law firms for your property damage claim, you should ask how many similar claims the law firm successfully handled.  The attorneys at STRUBLE, P.A. have successfully handled over 800 property damage claims involving various causes of damage.  The following are some examples of property damage claims STRUBLE, P.A. has successfully handled.  It is important to remember that before most of the below recoveries were made, the insurance company completely denied the claim or refused further payment to our clients.

If you are an attorney or claims professional interviewing law firms to assist a client with a property damage claim, you should likewise ask the firm how many similar claims the firm has handled. Below are examples of claims resolved, many of which were denied and then successfully resolved after STRUBLE, P.A. initiated litigation.

$800,000 wind damage (REF 86)

$750,000 wind damage (REF 8904)

$738,000 wind damage (REF 81096)

$703,000 wind damage (REF 8842)

$600,000 wind damage (REF 8931)

$575,000 wind damage (REF 8887)

$490,000 wind damage (REF 81081)

$460,000 wind damage (REF 8561)

$450,000 wind damage (REF 8904)

$445,000 water damage (REF 889)

$425,000 wind damage (REF 8982)

$409,500 wind damage (REF 81000)

$375,000 wind damage (REF 81073)

$375,000 wind damage (REF 8430)

$374,000 wind damage (REF 8414)

$371,000 wind damage (REF 8837)

$354,000 wind damage (REF 8531)

$342,000 wind damage (REF 81232)

$325,000 wind damage (REF 81243)

$341,000 wind damage (REF 8797)

$328,000 wind damage (REF 8254)

$320,000 wind damage (REF 81001)

$305,000 wind damage (REF 8447)

$300,000 wind damage (REF 8944)

$300,000 wind damage (REF 8960)

$292,000 wind damage (REF 8273)

$265,000 wind damage (REF 8855)

$260,000 wind damage (REF 8759)

$260,000 wind damage (REF 8658)

$250,000 wind damage (REF 8869)

$240,000 water damage (REF 8252)

$240,000 wind damage (REF 8879)

$235,000 wind damage (REF 8643)

$235,000 wind damage (REF 81028)

$225,000 wind damage (REF 8802)

$220,000 wind damage (REF 8494)

$219,250 wind damage (REF 8309)

$216,500 water damage (REF 8143)

$215,000 wind damage (REF 8337)

$200,000 buried debris (REF 8189)

$195,000 wind damage (REF 8841)

$185,000 wind damage (REF 8150)

$183,700 water damage (REF 8546)

$183,000 water damage (REF 8689)

$180,000 wind damage (REF 8610)

$180,000 wind damage (REF 8968)

$175,000 water damage (REF 8341)

$175,000 water damage (REF 8371)

$170,000 wind damage (v1050)

$170,000 sinkhole (REF 811)

$166,000 wind damage (REF 8707)

$162,000 hail damage (REF 81145)

$162,500 collapsed retaining wall (REF 8253)

$160,000 wind damage (REF 8789)

$160,000 wind damage (REF 8858)

$159,000 wind damage (REF 8829)

$158,000 water damage (REF 893)

$150,000 water damage (REF 8188)

$150,000 wind damage (REF 8709)

$150,000 wind damage (REF 8524)

$138,000 water damage (REF 8287)

$135,000 wind damage (REF 8901)

$130,000 water damage (REF 8138)

$130,000 water damage (REF 8184)

$127,750 wind damage (REF 8715)

$127,500 wind damage (REF 8826)

$125,000 wind damage (REF 8695)

$125,000  water damage (REF 832)

$125,000 wind damage (REF 8351)

$125,000 water damage (REF 8361)

$125,000 wind damage (REF 8965)

$125,000 wind damage (REF 8677)

$120,000 wind damage (REF 8822)

$117,000 water damage (REF 8875)

$117,500 wind damage (REF 8815)

$115,000 construction vibrations (REF 8594)

$110,000 water damage (REF 8521)

$110,000 water damage (REF 8139)

$110,000 water damage (REF 8489)

$100,000 water damage (REF 898)

$100,000 wind damage (REF 8593)

$100,000 wind damage (REF 8831)

$100,000 wind damage (REF 81005)

$100,000 wind damage (REF 81034)

$105,000 wind damage (REF 8776)

$99,500 water damage (REF 8818)

$96,000 water damage (REF 8411)

$90,000 water damage (REF 8404)

$90,000 wind damage (REF 8426)

$90,000 wind damage (REF 8951)

$90,000 wind damage (REF 81079)

$90,000 wind damage (REF 81261)

$87,500 wind damage (REF 8608)

$87,500 wind damage (REF 8808)

$85,000 water damage (REF 8589)

$80,000 water damage (REF 8409)

$83,000 wind damage (REF 81075)

$80,000 wind damage (REF 8705)

$80,000 hail damage (REF 8812)

$80,000 wind damage (REF 8861)

$80,000 wind damage (REF 81039)

$80,000 hail damage (REF 81119)

$79,900 wind damage (REF 81046)

$78,000 repair delay (REF 819)

$75,000 wind damage (REF 8659)

$75,000 wind damage (REF 8664)

$75,000 hail damage (REF 81098)

$75,000 hail damage (REF 81111)

$75,000 hail damage (REF 81113)

$75,000 hail damage (REF 81132)

$75,000 water damage (REF 8680)

$75,000 wind damage (REF 81018)

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of insurance disputes handled by STRUBLE, P.A. in our Florida offices:

A Florida Property Damage Attorney Fighting for Your Claim

Your home or business and the land it sits on are likely the single biggest purchase and most valuable asset you have acquired. Most of us protect these assets through homeowner’s insurance, and we reasonably expect that our policy will protect our residential and commercial properties should damage occur. However, that’s not always the case, and if this sounds like a battle you are currently facing, a Florida property damage attorney at STRUBLE, P.A. can assist you.

Florida Consistently a Leader in U.S Property Claim Lawsuits

According to National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) data, along with data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, even though Florida homeowners’ insurance claims accounted for nearly 8% of all homeowners’ claims opened in the United States, insurer’s lawsuits concerning homeowners’ insurance in Florida accounted for more than 76% of all litigation against insurers nationwide.

The Florida Insurance Commissioner recently alerted the Florida House Commerce Committee Chair to the new data gathered by its office from the NAIC. “Litigation trends in Florida have been consistently many times higher than any other state,” the Chairperson wrote, citing NAIC data that shows Florida lawsuits rose steadily from 64.4% of all nationwide homeowners lawsuits in 2016 to 68% in 2017 to 79.9% in 2018 and 76.4% in 2019.

What does this mean to you as a property owner? These numbers could indicate that your claim may not be handled fairly, and you may need to rely on the experience of a Florida property damage attorney to recover fair compensation for your losses. 

Is Your Florida Property Damage Settlement Offer Fair?

Insurance policies are long and can be complex – filled with exclusions, deductibles, exceptions, and lawyer-speak – which often make them difficult to read and even more difficult to recover full financial compensation. There are also countless “riders,” which add on certain areas of coverage, like flood coverage or business interruption insurance. 

These terms can make it unclear whether the offer you received from your insurance company is appropriate for the damage your dwelling has suffered, and most Floridians cannot determine if the offer is enough for their needs. A Florida property damage attorney at STRUBLE, P.A. can evaluate your claim and help determine if a fair offer is being made. We can also take action on your behalf.

Insurance companies will often underpay or delay claims made by Florida property owners. The easiest way to avoid this is to contact a Florida property damage lawyer at STRUBLE, P.A. 

How Do I Fight a Rejected or Lowball Home Insurance Claim?

If you are not happy with the resolution your insurance company has offered you – or if they have denied your claim altogether – you have some realistic options. Your Florida property damage lawyer can advise on the process for filing a lawsuit or an appeal. STRUBLE, P.A. has extensive experience in trying property damage insurance cases and handling subsequent appeals, so if you’re facing a situation where you believe this is the next course of action, don’t hesitate to call our law firm for a consultation to learn more about your legal options.

What Our Florida Property Damage Lawyer Does For You

Working with a Florida property damage attorney may be helpful to ensure you are being treated fairly and with priority by the insurance company. When you hire a lawyer at our law firm, you get the following benefits:

  • Our team will act as the main point of contact for all communication regarding your claim and will speak with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Our team will take the lead in making sure the paperwork is completed correctly and as needed.
  • When faced with an experienced Florida property damage lawyer from STRUBLE, P.A., the insurance company may be more likely to “play fair” because they know what we’re capable of achieving.
  • Our team of property damage lawyers is particularly skilled in the art of negotiation. We understand the law, we know how recent similar property damage claims were handled, and we’ll negotiate a fair settlement. At STRUBLE, P.A., we will take the insurance company to trial if that’s the best option for your case.

When Should I Contact a Florida Property Damage Attorney?

You may contact us before even speaking with your insurance company. Our experienced Florida property damage attorney team understands the law and can help navigate this process for you. At our initial consultation, we’ll listen to your story very carefully and help you decide what strategy has the highest chance of success. 

What You Need to Know About Filing a Claim for Property Damage

When to File a Claim

It’s important to know when to file a claim unless you’re getting help from a Florida property damage attorney at STRUBLE, P.A., who will handle these tasks for you. Find out your deductible before reporting the property damage to your home and take a close look at all damaged areas to evaluate the amount of money it would take to fix all of the damage. If you believe the repairs will cost more than your deductible, or if there is a lot of damage to a variety of different pieces of property, you may want to file a claim. 

If you decide to file a claim, notify your insurance company immediately. There are likely time limits to report your damage to your insurance company. Some recommended steps to take include:

  • Make a list of all your damaged property so it’s clear what you’re after and for the benefit of the adjuster. 
  • Take photos and videos of all damage, from very small to significantly large. 
  • Contact your insurance company agent with your policy number and contact information. 
  • Explain what happened and show the adjuster the extent of the property damage. 

Take Inventory of Your Property

Hopefully, you have already made a list of your assets before any trouble comes. If not, consider taking an inventory now. A pad of paper will suffice, but a phone video-guided tour would be even better. Go through every room, including the garage or other storage areas, and describe each asset and its estimated value. You should update your asset list once a year and be sure to account for everything, including valuables such as jewelry, electronics, guns, antiques, collectibles, etc. For many Floridians, a good time to record your home assets is in preparation for hurricane season.

Contact a Florida Property Damage Lawyer at STRUBLE, P.A. Today

Contact a Florida property damage lawyer online, email us at or call us at 321-283-5888 if you’ve suffered any type of property damage. There are time limits to filing a claim, so do not hesitate to reach out and learn about the options available to you.