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Co-Counsel Trial Work for Insurance Claims 

STRUBLE, P.A. regularly works with attorneys throughout the State of Florida on cases referred to our law firm, or on a co-counsel basis for Plaintiffs to prepare for and handle trials and subsequent appeals.

Our experienced Florida insurance claims law firm has the resources and reputation to successfully represent policyholders at trials for property damage claims and claimants in business disputes and injury claims in our hometown of Brevard County and throughout the State of Florida. We also partner with lawyers on subsequent appeals. Our team of six Florida insurance attorneys has the reputation, resources, and experience you look for when working seeking a co-counsel partner or referring a matter to another law firm. STRUBLE, P.A has amassed a track record of success and our skills have been recognized by multiple Courts when entering Orders discussing STRUBLE, P.A.’s experience and reputation. 

Why Work with STRUBLE, P.A.?

Founder Matthew Struble is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, and also Appellate Practice by the Florida Bar. There are more than 109,000 lawyers in the State of Florida and only seven lawyers hold these multiple Board Certifications. STRUBLE, P.A has tried more than 40 cases involving property damage claims and also handled over 60 appeals in State and Federal Courts. 

Attorney Referral & Co-Counsel Case Studies

When attorneys place their trust in STRUBLE, P.A, and our team capabilities, we take that matter seriously. Our performance is a reflection on you as our co-counsel partner and you can rest assured it will be handled with professionals and care. 

Below is a sampling of attorney referral and co-counsel cases that we successfully resolved. To learn more about joining forces with STRUBLE, P.A we invite you to contact us.

  • An insured claimed $150,000 for hurricane damage to a residence but the claim was denied and litigated for years before our firm was retained as co-counsel. The insured claimed nothing was owed, raised multiple exclusions, and claimed the insured breached the policy which precluded any recovery. After we were retained, we handled the litigation, retained experts, and pushed the matter to trial. On the eve of trial, the insurer settled for $350,000. 
  • An insured claimed hail damage to a residence, and we were retained as co-counsel after a claim decision was made. We handled the litigation and shortly before trial, the insurer paid $70,000, which the insured received with no deduction for attorney’s fees or costs. At a subsequent hearing, the trial court awarded attorney’s fees and entered an Order awarding fees and costs.  
  • An insured submitted a claim for water damage with a minimal amount in dispute, but the insurer refused to issue any additional payments. We were retained as co-counsel after a decision was made. Struble, P.A. handled the litigation, got the case to trial within a year, and the insurer paid the claim prior to trial. At a subsequent hearing, the trial court entered an Order awarding fees and costs and found that “Struble, P.A. has earned a good reputation in the local legal community and a well-deserved excellent trial reputation. Having earned a reputation of being willing to go to trial encourages better settlement offers and results for their clients.” 
  • An insured submitted a claim for hail damage, and we were referred the claim by an attorney after the claim was denied. We handled the litigation and recovered the full amount of the claim within months of the lawsuit being filed. The trial court entered a subsequent Order awarding attorney’s fees discussing Struble, P.A.’s experience and reputation.
  • An insured submitted a claim for hail damage, and we were retained as co-counsel after a decision was made. We handled the litigation and the full amount claimed was recovered. Attorney’s fees were subsequently awarded.

We Can Do Great Things When We Work Together

Our goal is the same as yours – to obtain the best possible result. Our legal team immerses themselves in the investigation of cases. We have a keen understanding of the tactics that insurance companies use to deny, delay and undervalue claims. Whether we work together or you’re seeking a solid referral source, understand that STRUBLE, P.A. will aggressively pursue claims through to their resolution. 

Learn more about how we can collaborate by contacting us online.