Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes and sinkhole activity are naturally occurring hazards that affect many areas of the State of Florida.  A sinkhole can devastate a home leaving the property owner facing overwhelming expenses.  STRUBLE attorneys work with experienced, independent geologists, engineers and contractors to thoroughly investigate your claim and evaluate the damage.  STRUBLE attorneys have successfully represented insureds in claims for sinkhole damage and are prepared to force your insurance company to honor your claim.

The following are examples of some of the results we have obtained while representing policyholders in sinkhole claims.

Sinkhole – $170,000

Our client’s home sustained substantial damage which he reported to the insurance company.  A denial of the claim was issued based on an engineer’s report that was retained by the insurance company.  We retained a competing engineer on behalf of our client and forced the insurance company to pay $170,000.00 for the claim it denied.

Sinkhole – $70,000

Our client’s home sustained damage which was suspected to be caused by a sinkhole.  The insurance company denied the claim after retained several experts but issued payment for the claim when a lawsuit was filed to challenge the claim denial.