Lightning Damage

Florida is referred to as the lightning capital of the United States, with storms occurring approximately 100 days out of the year.  Lightning causes billions of dollars of property damage yearly and can cause significant damage if it strikes your home or business.  The damage can include damage to a dwelling and to personal property such as electronics or other items.  As such, it is important that damage caused by lightning is properly evaluated. STRUBLE attorneys have successfully represented insureds in claims for lightning damage and are prepared to force your insurance company to honor your claim.

The following are examples of some of the results we have obtained while representing policyholders in claims for damage caused by lightning.      

Lightning Damage – Coverage Obtained

The insurance company failed to acknowledge damage that lightning caused at our client’s home.  Shortly before trial, the insurance company acknowledged the damage and issued payment for our client’s claim.  Thereafter, the insurance company was required to pay our attorney’s fees and costs incurred.  Additional damages are being pursued in a subsequent bad faith lawsuit.