Fire Damage

A fire in your home or business can be devastating.  Fortunately, any damaged business or personal property can be replaced.  If you have insurance on your business or home, the insurance company should be responsible for compensating you for your loss.  The damages caused by fire or smoke can be substantial and can even render your property a total loss.  Therefore, it is important to perform a thorough analysis of your fire claim to ensure that you are properly compensated for the damage.  STRUBLE attorneys have successfully represented insureds against many of Florida’s insurance companies in claims for fire damage and are prepared to force your insurance company to honor your claim.

The following are examples of some of the results we have obtained while representing policyholders in claims for damage caused by fire.  

Fire – $90,000 Recovered

After our client’s home was damaged by a fire, the insurance company asserted that no payments would be issued to our client and it would perform the repairs for approximately $29,000.  STRUBLE, P.A. filed a lawsuit and the insurance company issued payments in excess of $90,000 and issued payments directly to our client.

Fire – $300,000 Recovered

After our client’s home was damaged by a fire, we represented our client at an Examination Under Oath and in litigation after STRUBLE, P.A. filed a lawsuit to force the insurer to honor the claim.  We helped our client navigate multiple attempts from the insurer to delay and deny the claim and the insurer ultimately issued total payments in excess of $300,000.