Injury Insurance Claims

If you have a claim for injuries and are interviewing law firms for your claim, you should ask whether the law firm has tried such claims.  STRUBLE, P.A. has handled claims for injures through trial and prevailed on subsequent appeal.  STRUBLE, P.A. also partners with other law firms on injury claims when appropriate.  Below are examples of results obtained by STRUBLE, P.A.

$570,000 Motorcycle Accident (REF 842)

$400,000 Slip and Fall (REF 8751)

$165,000 Motorcycle Accident (REF 87)

$395,000 Car Accident (REF 880)

$100,000 Car Accident (REF 830)

$180,000 Dram Shop Act (REF 81)

$100,000 Car Accident (REF 843)

$105,000 Car Accident (REF 8226)