Business Claims

Breach of contract lawsuits are a common type of business claim.  Most firms handle such claims by charging an hourly rate.  Business litigation cases can result in hundreds of hours being billed and years of litigation.  STRUBLE, P.A.’s trial abilities allow it to handle such claims on a contingency fee basis.  This provides multiple advantages to a business and claimant.  First, if the claimant does not prevail, no fees or costs are owed to STRUBLE, P.A.  Second, the claimant may avoid what can be years of litigation fueled by events that are not necessary to try the case and result in substantial bills for attorney’s fees.

There are 109,000 lawyers in the State of Florida and Matthew Struble is 1 of only 7 that are Board Certified in both Civil Trial and Appellate Practice.  STRUBLE, P.A. has the ability to handle business dispute cases on a contingency fee basis and push the matter to trial as quickly as possible, opposing delay attempts such as motions for continuances.  This provides a claimant with an opportunity to recover damages at the first available trial period and avoid additional years of litigation and attorney bills. STRUBLE, P.A.’s extensive trials experience allows it to avoid unnecessary discovery and depositions, focus on only the important facts, and get the case to a jury as quickly as possible.