Few things are as disruptive as the unexpected loss or damage of your property. In addition to the sudden financial impact, you may be left without a place to live, without transportation, and more. The loss or damage of property is something that Florida residents struggle with far too often. Fortunately, you may have options if your home, vehicle, or personal property is damaged. Below is a discussion on how to file a property damage claim in the state of Florida. If you or a loved one are in need of assistance, then contact STRUBLE, P.A. today to speak with a Florida property damage lawyer.

What Is A Property Damage Claim?

Property damage claims can take many forms. In short, these generally are claims for compensation made as a result of damage to your property that was beyond your control. Property damage claims include damage to real property (i.e. real estate), vehicles, personal belongings and other damage. Some claims are handled by insurance but, in some instances, the responsible party may handle them directly.

Identifying To Whom A Property Damage Claim Should Be Made

One of the first steps in filing a property damage claim is identifying the parties to whom it should be made. If, for example, the extreme winds of a hurricane blow out your windows and rip the roof off of your home, then you may have a claim with your homeowner’s insurance. In other instances, however, determining the parties to whom you should make a claim can be more complicated. Determining which entity or entities are liable in such situations will be dependent on the facts of the case, and no two matters are the same. It is, therefore, strongly suggested that you speak with an attorney to help ensure that all relevant parties are named in your claim.

Reporting And Submitting Your Property Damage Claim

You will report your property damage claim and submit your damages once you have identified the parties to whom the claim should be made. The insurance company for the potentially liable party will typically send an adjuster or claims estimator to your property in order to survey the damage. They will then create an estimate of your losses. This estimate should include compensation for lost personal items, nights in a hotel, money paid for a rental car, etc. In order to determine these types of damages, the adjuster will require documentation and receipts of the money you have paid related to damages you incur and money you spend as a result of the incident. 

Once the adjuster has had the opportunity to inspect the damage, they will inform you of their coverage determination and any amounts which they believe are owed.

Negotiating, Settling, And Possibly Litigating Your Property Damage Claim

An experienced attorney can be of great assistance through the negotiation process. Counsel can ensure that the proper steps are filed if litigation becomes necessary. When deciding whether to negotiate with the insurance company directly or to retain counsel, consider that your lawyer will be tasked with protecting your interests, as opposed to an insurance adjuster, who is protecting the interests of a large corporation.

Contact A Florida Property Damage Attorney Today For Assistance

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