Homes need to be properly maintained and cared for. The maintenance of your property is typically required of you in the insurance contract.

What Happens if There is a Failure to Maintain the Property?

One of the first things that an adjuster will look at in investigating a claim is whether the damage is due to the actions (or inactions) of the homeowner. This can be the case if the property is older and appears to have fallen into disrepair. 

Home insurance covers damage that is unexpected, not damage that could have been prevented with upkeep. This is because homeowners generally have a duty to mitigate the damage.

Homeowners also do not realize that if they do not properly maintain their property, the insurance company could cancel their policy.

The moral of the story: comply with the conditions of your policy!

Things That Homeowners Should Consider 

1.     Corroded Pipes

Water damage can lead to very expensive and extensive repairs. The plumbing system can be a major cause of water damage in homes. The system requires proper maintenance. It is important to follow plumbers’ recommendations and not cut corners. Insurance companies can be very hesitant to pay out on water damage–but our firm has had victories with this.

2.     Leaky Roof

Roofs generally need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Without this, homes can suffer water damage. In the event that damage results from an improperly maintained roof, the insurer may not approve a claim for damages.

3.     Broken or Uneven Stairs

Stairs that have not been maintained can be seriously dangerous. If the stairs are cracked, uneven, or rotted, people could trip and fall. A fall from the stairs can be devastating.

4.     Rusty or Failing Fences and Gates

Depending on what materials are used, fences may not last very long. Wood fences, in particular, especially if they are not properly treated, can rot. This will affect the stability and safety of these barriers. Poorly maintained fences can fall on or cut guests on your property. Fences that are unstable may not serve as effective barriers to keep children or animals out of your property. 

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