Consider this: Damage has happened to your insured property, and you submit a claim. Imagine your surprise when you receive notice that the claim is denied. This can be as stressful as the initial damage itself. Fortunately, there are ways to be proactive to try to avoid claim denials. Read on for the common reasons why claims are denied.

You Did Not Pay the Premium

One generally avoidable reason why a homeowner’s claim is denied is due to one’s failure to pay the premium. Generally, insurance companies provide a grace period. However, it is important to not let coverage lapse and to ensure that the insurance company receives the policy premiums. 

The Claim Was Not Timely Filed  

It is important to provide the insurance company prompt notice of your loss, and the insurer should be contacted and notified of the property damage as soon as possible. Your insurance policy contains conditions such as a notice provision. This provision helps provide the insurer an opportunity to adequately investigate a claim.  Additionally, Florida law provides that an insured must provide notice of a claim to an insurer within two years (three years for a supplemental claim).  Fla. Stat. § 627.70132. 

Failure to Provide Records and Documentation

Another common policy condition is to provide records and documents. Insureds are also oftentimes asked to keep an accurate record of repairs and expenses or prepare an inventory of damaged personal property. It is important to document your property damage and your property damage claim to provide enough documentation to process the claim. This can include pictures, receipts, and anything else that is relevant to evaluate the loss and make a claim determination. 

The Policy Excludes Certain Damage

It is important to read and understand your policy and if ever in doubt, you may want to consider consulting with a qualified property damage attorney. Exclusions narrow the range of coverage provided under a policy, and a property damage litigation attorney can help you determine your rights and obligations under the policy as well as the insurance company’s rights and obligations under the policy so that you understand what is and is not covered.  

Speak to a Homeowner’s Insurance Attorney if You Believe Your Claim Has Been Wrongfully Denied

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